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501 Rue Robinson
80120 Fort-Mahon-Plage

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Lodging and self catering accommodation in Fort-Mahon (Marquenterre) in Picardy.
Located in the old village between the Bay of Authie and the beach,
we welcome our guests, all year round,
in one of our 22 chalets (up to 6 pers) for their holidays.

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Fort Mahon Plage
Fort Mahon Plage
Fort Mahon Plage

If you love nature and open space, If you enjoy flying kites, kiteboarding,
kitesurfing, landsailing or ridding kitebuggies.
If your pleasure is simply walking along the 18 km beach bordered with dunes
from the Bay of Somme to the Bay of Authie, watching birds in park of Marquenterre or playing golf.

Naturotel has got everything you need !
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Fort Mahon Plage